13 February 2014
Live-Video-Snippet from january´s Release-Show in Cologne

BLACK SPACE RIDERS live @ MTC Cologne in january 2014. This is a real live and rough one. Please enjoy and if you like it share it around ...
BSR: Bang Boom War live-snippet from MTC Ciologne

13 February 2014
ECLIPSED MAGAZINE ... lovely review and CD-track

German Prog-Psyche-Rock-Magazine Eclipsed loves D:REI (8/10) and is featuring our track "Letter to a young one" on the beautiful february-compilation-CD.

"There is really no weak point on the album ... compliment."

"Es gibt tatsächlich keinen Schwachpunkt auf dem Album ... Kompliment."

06 February 2014
Aural innovations REVIEW

Aural Innovations: " ... These guys are continually shifting gears as they tell their story of war and destruction ... Very impressive". Thank you, Jerry!

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04 February 2014

Back from a couple of great release-shows we have found an enthusiastic review (10/12) in the otherwise very critical and highly regarded Visions Magazin:

"More than an album: a large-scale trip through space and time. Nevertheless, this stoner-sludge-psychedelic-rock-Groove-Space-Monster-Album is committed to each song. Great!"

"Mehr als eine Platte: ein großangelegter Trip durch Raum und Zeit. Trotzdem ist dieses Stoner-Sludge-Psychedelic-Rock-Groove-Spacemonster von einem Album jedem einzelnen Song verpflichtet. Groß!"

29 January 2014
Review by German Guitar Magazin

Guitar Magazin reviewed D:REI in the actual february-issue:

"...Boredom is left out, instead cool songs like "The GOD Survivor" rule. That´s progress! (4/5)

"Langeweile bleibt außen vor, stattdessen regeln coole Songs wie „The GOD-Survivor". So geht Fortschritt!" (4/5)