12 March 2014
Today: Svenska

Enjoy this Review from a swedish webzine/blog called Spader Ess:
"Denna skivan är ett perfekt som soundrtrack för både snabba långtripper med ditt rymdskepp, såväl som för djupa tripper in i ditt inre. En av de bästa plattorna jag hört från året hittills"

Full review here (swedish)

10 March 2014
NEW live Video

BLACK SPACE RIDERS live: "Rising from the ashes of our world". Andi Weimann filmed our D:REI-Release-Show.Enjoy! If you like it ... like it! And share it around the world!
Watch "Rising from the ashes LIVE" on youtube

10 March 2014
aujourd'hui: Francais ... Rock-Station (10/10)

aujourd'hui: francais (10/10) "...Plus j'écoute cet album, plus il devient indispensable à mes yeux. D'entrée, les Allemands mettent le feu avec "Stare at the water", mais ce n'est rien comparé à "Rising from the ashes of our world", qui commence en douceur pour mieux nous terrasser avec son final hallucinant. Un chef d'oeuvre, tout simplement...."

Full review on Rock-Station

06 March 2014
Win a free VINYL-copy of D:REI

Want to win a free VINYL-copy of BLACK SPACE RIDERS´s new Album D:REI??? Go and visit "The Obelisk" ... deadline: friday, 7th march ... good luck!

27 February 2014
Heroes on front covers no.2: ROCKS Magazine vs. Ronnie James Dio

Ronnie James Dio on the front of ROCKS Magazin. Inside: a BLACK SPACE RIDERS- Interview, a very positive review of D:REI and "Gravitation" is on the CD-compilation.