01 October 2017
New Bassist: goodbye SAQ, hello MEI !

Goodbye SAQ, hello MEI !

The BEAR will leave the spaceship (in his own words: "after nearly 10 years filled with heavy-psychedelic-head-exploding space-music and gallons of beer"). 

Our founding member, bassist and beloved friend SAQ has decided to leave BLACK SPACE RIDERS due to increasing other obligations. For his own legacy he played a fantastic bass on our new album that will be released in the beginning of 2018.

Our new bassist is MEI, a young and very talented lady, who also contributed some very groovy basstracks on a couple of songs that will also be included on our next release. 
We will be happy to meet you on tour again in 2018 giving you the opportunity to say: "Goodbye SAQ, hello MEI !“

20 July 2017
Update: Next Album :: Recording Sessions

We have finished the live-recordings. Had a wonderful time with our dear friend, engineer and producer Role Echolotse at Die Tonmeisterei. We will continue in august, adding vocals and a little bit of overdubs. A lot of music! Beautiful sound and music, colourful, sometimes strange, unexpected ....

28 May 2017
BLACK SPACE RIDERS will enter the studio in mid-July to record new material

The thematic journey and musical cycle that covered our last album Refugeeum and the subsequent Beyond Refugeeum EP has been completed.
We have written a lot of interesting and new songs, too much material to fit on a classic double album. These are tracks that are flirting with different musical styles ... looking outside the box. We will start recording in July and then we'll see what we're going to do with this giant pile of music. In the beginning of 2018 there will definitely be a new release from us. Watch out!

19 May 2017
Part Two of BSR-blog online now

BSR-blog Part Two

Part Two of our BLACK SPACE RIDERS - blog is online now. A continous, mysterious, fictional, sometimes scary story about five guys, playing in a band, searching for a new home, strange encounters .... a blog written by our dear fan and friend, Norma.

For those who didn't read it so far: What happened in part One?

The first day of light ... argh, go and read yourself!

Here is Part Two: enjoy!



23 March 2017

Dear all,

maybe we were quiet. But that was just to get loud again.

Maybe we gathered our ideas in a black box. But that was just to pull them out when ready.

Now we hope that you are loud and ready. So we are.

Get prepared for another journey that we call “OUR AREA 51”.

It’s a story about music, science-fiction and all the other stuff that matters.

The story behind the story: While making music and enjoying our lifes as a "black space rider" we had no idea how inspiring we were – and still are - to HER, Norma, our friend and writer.

So she created this milestone in our black space journey: Our Blog. Our Area 51.

"The Beginning" is just the first part of more to come .... Enjoy!