27 May 2013
Recordings finished

We just finished the recordings for our IIIrd album and returned home: tired but absolutely happy. Had an amazing and inspiring time together! Now the mixing is in the good hands of our friend and engineer Role. We can't wait to listen to his first draft!

17 April 2013
Studio recordings

BLACK SPACE RIDERS are entering the recording studio on the 16th of May to begin working on our 3rd album. Again we have chosen "die Tonmeisterei" in Oldenbourg/Germany to play and record live with our engineer and friend Role. We have created about 80 minutes of new music that has to be "unleashed"! More coming up soon.

05 February 2013
Metal Storm Award 2012

"Light Is The New Black" has been nominated for a 2012 Metal Storm Award in the category of Best Sludge/Stoner Metal Album.
Winners are chosen by the readers and the voting will be open all february. So please follow the link, register and do what you have to do .... thank YOU. JE