A lonesome way out of a somehow doomed world: retreat! A voyage into the deepest inside, into a galaxy of inwardness, called the "inner space": peace, freedom, depression and deepest isolation.
Almost lost in the caverns of subconsciousness … then finally: a way back to the outside. A staggering return: a world battered down - ashes and ruins, grey in black! Destroyed by mankind, finished by the “memitim”. Old prophecies and meaningful predictions … just in case mankind failed to extinguish itself.
A couple of survivors leaving a devastated world. Drifting on their way to find a new beginning.
A voyage, primarily an escape, later a search, meaning and an end in itself. The journey as a transformation. Total destruction as the root of a new beginning. The destination had become meaningless ...


Stare at the Water
Just trapped below, the inner me. Dethroned by a cracked hand. Behind the falls past sonic walls. Escaped through bitter end. Neither sky nor ground, the innerverse. Protection from the fall. The astral shore of inner space reflects their final call. Stare at the Water! Into the sea! What's below the surface? Deep below the surface? Can you feel the undertow? What's behind the mirror? Far below the surface? Can you smell the maelstrom now? Feel the undertow right now! Smell the undertow, feel the undertow, watch the undertow right now! Stare at the water! Into the sea!

Bang! Boom! War! (outside my head)
I miss the light, miss the world, imperfect but why did I loose, cannot find? No way out of my inner peace, inner grave, isolated! Try to escape innerspace just in time! Down! With the bonds of inwardness! Down! With the walls of madness! Down! With the king of selfishness! Out of this inner prison! Bang! Boom! War! Sonic wave attack! Bang! Boom! War outside my head, crashes down, spins around, sets me in a blind rage, inner drive, inner cage, have to tear it down! With the bonds of inwardness! Down! With the walls of madness! Down! With the king of selfishness! Out of this inner prison! Bang! Boom! War! Sonic wave attack! Bang! Boom! War outside my head! Dare ... the light – stay away from darkness!

Rising from the ashes of our world
Caught inside the inside. A message from above. Yelling from the outside. A memory of war. Breaking into pieces. Burning to the ground. Marauding and polluting. Terror walks around. Trying to remember the exit to the world. Echoes from the outside. I'm running out of time. Far beyond our physics. Right before my eyes. War machine stops turning. No one left to die. Rising from the ashes, the ashes of our world. Memitim's arrival.Cutting across the land. Dust above the ruins, the ruins of our lives. War machine keeps grinding, but no one's left to die.


Give gravitation to the people
Give gravitation to the people. Each day attraction is getting weaker. Lost souls ascending from the tower. Drifting to the orbit, cos the core is losing power. Give gravity to heal the mother. Give gravity to save each other. A soulcloud, just too many to mention. Gravity while everybody is looking for redemption. Give gravity to heal the people. Give gravity, we are getting weaker. Soulcloud is arising from the mother. Drifting to the orbit on the way to kill each other. Give gravitation to the people.

Way to me
After the ruins. Far beyond earth. Cleansing of senses and all life was worth. Reflecting at last, prevention of my decay. Continue the journey to the state of new birth. On my way, on my way to me. Human existence fallen from grace. Memitim´s duty ruined my place. Captured and free, a voyaging refugee. Chained and unleashed in my inner space!

Temper is rising
Again, coming from below. Rage without a reason. This time I take it as a gift, take it as a win. A rush of blood into my head, blood into my soul. Brighter than the sun, colder than the moon, deadly as a weapon. Tonight temper is rising. Our fate: a lovely up and down, gotta get a warning. The flight: floating to relief, hope to get it running. Amazing powers can destroy, create a better living. Rotten to the core, naked like a child. Change or be determined. Tonight temper is rising.

The GOD-Survivor
Coming down like an asteroid they've hit the ground. Cutting deep like a scalpel would: into the ground. They try to finish work somehow, hunting the homeless. Soon the world coming down: rise of the ruthless. And when the atmosphere is lost, oh they defeat us. And when the nuclear winter falls: oh they might beat us! Save me, they're coming. I'm the God-Survivor. The call of ancient prophecy, born from destruction. Driven by death technology, breeding perfection. And over crushed and broken bones: oh I will lead us. And past the ruins of burning homes: oh I will feed us.


I see
I see a brighter light. I see a new born life. I used to live in darkness. We used to live in pain. I see a brighter life. I travel through space and time. In search of a beginning. Eternal but in vain.

Leave the silence, leave the place. Leave the darkness, the legacy of the human race. Leave corrosion, leave the dust. Leave hysteria, leave your inner space of trust. Leave your body, leave your mind. Leave the past, inanimate and blind. Leave the suffering, leave your lust. Leave protection, leave this cold and breaking crust. Leave the system, leave the lord. Leave idolatry, assimilated and adored. Leave compulsion, leave control. Leave all habitudes, leave the void, salvation of your soul. Leave me blind. Too late to keep this alive. Try to keep us alive.

Space Angel
Now the course is lost. So we missed the line. And all hope is gone. We are lost in time. Light up my way. Out of the dark. Into the void. Light up my way. Born to shine. While our flight gets rougher. And the longing swells. We are lost in your time. We are lost in your space.


Major Tom waits
I fought to be a free man. Hunted by old demons. Fall out, fall down: a free man. Chased by bitter memories: I left the dead ones rotting. Fall out … No love on the way I took …

Letter to a young one
Do you crave freedom? Is your passion inflamed? Breaking out of your inner space seems to be your aim. How am I at the moment? I really cannot say … too deep to stay living, too high to go astray. When I recall the past now: I wonder where I’ll go. But I can’t get out, no I can’t get out. Keep on living in passion. Keep on living in pain. But I fight my doubts … I know you crave freedom, your passion is inflamed. But you can’t get out, no you can’t get out. You keep on living in passion, you keep on living in pain. And you fight your doubts …

The everlasting circle of infinity
Beyond my transformation. Behind the outer rim. Once lovers, former children. A past with no return. Beyond our endless voyage. Across eternal voids. Reborn in dreams of beauty. Into the arms of death. The end of the beginning. Time has come to end our flight. Beginning of the end, my dear. The everlasting circle of infinity begins.